4-y Roshchinskiy proyezd, 19, Moscow, 115191, Russia
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About company


«Scantronic systems» Ltd. was founded in 2010 by leading experts and developers in the field of inspection systems and equipment.

From the very beginning the aim of the company was development of novel inspection equipment for the purpose to provide assistance to state and customs authorities in struggle with illegal export and import and in provision of safety for citizens and infrastructure. A distinctive feature of developed equipment is its principally new functional abilities in determination of physical structure of inspected cargo, which greatly facilitate work of operators and considerably raise effectiveness of inspection.

"Scantronic systems" now is a professional team of specialists and experts in the field of nuclear physics, information technologies, control systems, and it includes more than 30 persons, mainly scientists and engineers.

Activity of the company includes, in addition to scientific research, and also production of basic components of inspection systems, such as linear accelerators of electrons, detection systems, and software.

Branches of «Scantronic systems» are geographically located in Moscow and St. Petersburg and are centers of competence in the field of accelerator technics and inspection equipment, respectively.

"Scantronic systems" is a quite young company, but ideas, knowledge and experience of its specialists are claimed on the market of inspection systems and confirm confidence of state authorities in the field of modernization and refurbishment of the state border of Russian Federation.



Inauguration of the Vehicle Inspection System ST-6035

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On September 20th, 2018 within the context of the joint panel meeting of the Federal Customs Service and the Federal Tax Service taking place at the Manege Central Exhibition hall, the Mobile Inspection System (MIS) ST-2630M was presented.

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On February 5, 2018, specialists of LLC "Scantronic systems" delivered the first mobile inspection system ST-2630М for operation to the Kingiseppsky customs.

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